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Saxton’s Cornet Band recreates the sounds of brass bands during the mid-1860' when brass bands were just getting started. Our programs are full of energy and are very entertaining both musically and visually.  Saxton's performances recreate historically accurate concert experiences from the mid-nineteenth century, complete with dramatic readings and period humor in addition to the excellent music.

Saxton's Cornet Band performing to a full house at historic Severance Hall in a joint concert with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra


Saxton's newest show featuring the newly commissioned work "With Malice Toward None" for narrator, civil war band, and band or orchestra written by famed composer, Jim Curnow.  The 12 minute work describes the emotions of the war through original diary entries delivered through narration.  By using original civil war band music interspersed throughout the original score, Mr. Curnow's masterpiece is the perfect drammatic closer to any great concert.


- Generally 1.5 hour show with a 15 minute intermission
- Shared concert with band or orchestra

- Saxton's plays an opening set, band or orchestra plays a set - intermission -

  Saxton's joins band or orchestra for final set which concludes with

  "With Malice Toward None".

- Full band with soloists and narrator


Saxton's premiere show that is as authentic as possible.  Extremely upbeat and entertaining with period music and humor mixed throughout.   This show can be altered to fit any occassion and will leave listeners tapping their toes.


- Generally 1.5 hour show with a 15 minute intermission
- Can be shared with band or orchestra or done alone

- Full band with soloists and narrator


Perfect for living history events and educational environments, these concerts are fun and educational for everyone.  Extremely hands on performances inform the listener to the history behind the music and the instruments on which they are played.  These concerts can are most appropriate in smaller gatherings but can be done in large venues as well.


Generally 30-50 minute masterclass/presentations
Can be altered to fit any situation

Can be performed with an 8 member group or full 13 member band

Can be performed in conjunction with larger concerts

Well suited for grant funding and educational needs