A New Day

On June 15, 2020, the Board of Directors of Saxton's Cornet Band made the decision to alter the mission of the organization to allow for diversity and inclusivity in its portrayal of the early American brass band. 


Since the beginnings of the recreated Saxton Cornet Band in 1989, the members had paid great attention to detail to portray a mid-19th century brass band in musical performance, dress, and behavior.  Unfortunately, this created a situation that was non-inclusive to both women and those performers of color.  It also gave the visual representation of exclusivity and created a reminder of a time when others were not of equal value in society. While we never intended to offend or exclude, the band's visual presence perpetuated the thoughts and feelings associated with the Civil War and the problems surrounding this part of history. This attention to detail, while noble in its intent, did not allow for the best band and therefore outlived its effectiveness and appropriateness in the modern world.  In the eyes of the members of the ensemble, the music loses its value and purpose when it offends or excludes others.

In this new day, Saxton's Cornet Band will no longer portray a band from the Civil War era by its dress or visual imagery.  Instead, they dedicate themselves to restoring, preserving, and bringing to life the beautiful music of the early band movement in America.  Through their experience, performance practice, and accurate narration, the ensemble will allow listeners to learn about this important time in American musical history without the distractions that cause pain and offense. 

A new day is here. Be a part of this movement to be a better society as we bring the music of the mid-1900's to a new life.


All of the members of The New Saxton's Cornet Band